úterý 16. září 2008

Go Ape

Last weekend I have been with my company at social event. It sounds weird, but it was..... not legendary, but amazing. Ha, ha, ha! We were in Sherwood Pines on High ropes adventure called Go Ape. For short time approximately 3 hours we were slightly changed from humans to the apes and we were explore top of the Sherwood trees. Nobody fell down, nobody have been injured and everybody earned plenty of epinephrine. Hope that everybody enjoyed very well, anyway you can check it on Go Apes photos.

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Unknown řekl(a)...

Docela jste se vyblbli, co? Nejdriv jsou to takovi ksichti, ale pak je videt, jak se zacal uvolnovat endorfin a jine a objevuji se i usmevy chladne anglicke tvari :-)