středa 12. září 2007

Lab retreat in our feet

Rafting, Hiking, Gorge walking, Climbing and canoeing. All of these activities we could try on the Adventure camp near Tywyn in Wales. During three beautiful days we made a lot of new friendships and outdoor experiences. Everything was started on Thursday early morning. The "hidden race" on the way Nottingham-Birmingham-Tywyn had only one winner - The Paus’s family with Danny. They started slowly but drove faster than others and they were first in the campsite in Tywyn. When all participants arrived we started first adventure experience. We were divided into two groups. Each group had four barrels + six boards + many ropes + nine heads + eighteen hands - one river = raft. The winner takes it all. Both groups were successful, because our rafts held on to cross the river and return back. After rafting we took part in a picnic on the beach. It was exciting experience in the sunset. On Friday we went for a trip to reach the highest peak of this part of Wales, Mt. Cadair Idris. The trip was amazing in sunny weather with beautiful views. You can see on our photos After six hours of walking everybody was more than satisfied. In Saturday we had a meeting with G(e)orge. But G(e)orge did not come. So we tried to find him in the river and we were successful. Gorge walking wwwwaaaass toooooooo exiiiiitiiiiiing, aaaaaaand tooooooo cooooooooold and wwwwwwwwwet! When we defrosted ourselves we were divided into two groups again. One of them took part in a rope climbing on the coast and the second group did canoeing. And what was the third Saturday’s stage? Return back home! It was a really long day but excellent again. Many thanks to all participants and MJ and Bean for a good organisation. Specially thanks to Zdenka and Tomas for covering ☺

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