pátek 20. července 2007

House warming party

A house-warming party for our new friends from Nottingham took place in our flat on Burford Road. It was funny and nice. Thanks everybody for a beautiful evening, especially Lenin, Putin, Stalin and the others. See some photos here!

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Marije řekl(a)...

thanks for the nice party!
but did you really have to fill my glass with wine everytime?! haha bit of a hangover today...

we're very happy that our new colleague&partner are such nice and fun people. Welcome again!

Anonymní řekl(a)...

Tak jsme skoukli Vaši kolaudaci. Vidím, že zábava kvetla a ať se tak vede dál!
Zdraví Most
Silvi, please tranlate its your friends.

Marije řekl(a)...
Tento komentář byl odstraněn autorem.
Marije řekl(a)...

haha this is how it is tranlated through the web:

"Now are jointed Vaši final building approval. Vidím , that sport blooming plus plus? to now superintendence along! Health Bridge"