úterý 11. března 2008

Lake District

Last weekend we were in Lake District area with Marije, Jon and their climbing friends. In spite of winter time we slept in tents at Waterbrothers Inn campsite. First night was really good experience, the wind storm called Emma came to visit us for the first time. She came and took with her everything what was not fixed properly,some tents, shoes, food (that could be badger, not Emma:-). Slept less than usual, we went for a trip to Helvellyn in the morning. Weather changed very often. Sometimes was cloudy with showers, sometime was a clear sky and we had a nice view of Grisdale Valley. On the way to the top of the mountain we had to do some scrambling. On the top we met Emma's younger sister playing with hails. Helvellyn peak is 950 m above the sea level and quite flat and open, so it was difficult to walk against very strong wind. Some of us tried to fly, especially girls with light weight. We climbed down through Grisdale Valley where were a few waterfalls, a lot of sheeps and a nice scenery around. As usual, we finished our trip in a nice warm pub. There could not miss delicious food, standard English beer and top quality Scottish and Japanese whiskey at the end. After that, next night with Emma was not so bad. Sunday morning we moved to Kentmere and some of us went to do bouldering and we hiked the nearest top called Ill Bell. From the top we could see the Kentmere water reservoir. Downhill we tried amazing scrambling. That weekend was like a short holiday, we really ejoyed it. Thank you, Marije and Jon for invitation and Jamie for excellent organizing. The pictures are pos ted on our photo album .

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